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ranveer singh real name

Nicknamed the “Energetic Star” of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh is known for his dynamic personality and versatile acting skills. However, many might not be aware that Ranveer Singh was not born with this famous stage name. His real name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani.

Ranveer Singh, originally from Mumbai, India, pursued a career in acting after completing his studies in the United States. He made his acting debut in the film industry with the movie “Band Baaja Baaraat” in 2010, which catapulted him to fame. Since then, he has starred in numerous successful films and has won several awards for his performances.

Despite his success, Ranveer Singh decided to drop his surname “Bhavnani” to keep his stage name simple and easy to remember for fans. This strategic move has undoubtedly contributed to his widespread popularity and recognition not only in India but also internationally.

Interestingly, Ranveer Singh’s decision to use only his first and last names mirrors a trend among Bollywood actors to adopt catchier and more marketable stage names. This rebranding has proven to be beneficial for many actors in the industry, helping them carve out a distinct identity and attract a wider audience.

Ranveer Singh’s real name, although less familiar to fans, adds a personal touch to his larger-than-life persona on screen. As he continues to shine in the world of Indian cinema, his journey from Ranveer Singh Bhavnani to Ranveer Singh exemplifies his evolution as an actor and a brand in the entertainment industry.

What is Ranveer Singh’s Real Name?

Ranveer Singh’s real name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani. Many fans of the Bollywood actor may not be aware of his full name and its significance. In the following sections, we will explore the story behind Ranveer Singh’s real name and how it has shaped his identity both on and off the screen.

Ranveer Singh: The Real Name Behind Bollywood’s Energetic Star

Ranveer Singh’s Real Name

Ranveer Singh, the dynamic and charismatic Bollywood actor, was actually born with a different name. His real name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani. However, he later dropped his surname Bhavnani to make it shorter and catchier for his fans. The name Ranveer translates to “warrior” and truly embodies his larger-than-life persona on and off screen.

Early Life and Background

Ranveer Singh was born on July 6, 1985, in Mumbai, India. He comes from a Sindhi family and his father, Jagjit Singh Bhavnani, is a successful businessman. Ranveer completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, and later pursued his dream of becoming an actor by enrolling in the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City.

Rise to Stardom

Ranveer Singh made his acting debut in the Bollywood film industry with the movie “Band Baaja Baaraat” in 2010. His portrayal of Bittoo Sharma in the film garnered critical acclaim and established him as a promising actor to watch out for. He went on to deliver several hit films such as “Padmaavat,” “Bajirao Mastani,” “Gully Boy,” and “Simmba,” solidifying his position as one of the leading actors in Bollywood.

Personal Life and Relationships

Ranveer Singh married his longtime girlfriend and fellow Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone, in a grand ceremony in Italy in 2018. The couple’s relationship is considered one of the most adorable and enduring in the industry, with their undeniable chemistry on and off screen.

Unique Style and Personality

Ranveer Singh is known for his flamboyant style and quirky fashion choices both on and off the red carpet. He is often seen pushing the boundaries of fashion with his bold and eclectic outfits, making him a trendsetter in the industry. His infectious energy and lively personality have endeared him to fans worldwide.

What is Ranveer Singh’s real name?

Ranveer Singh’s real name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani.

Why is Ranveer Singh known by just his first and last name?

It is common in Bollywood for actors to use a stage name or to be known by just their first and last name for simplicity and branding purposes.

Does Ranveer Singh have any nicknames?

Yes, Ranveer Singh is often called “Ranveer Baba” by his fans and friends.

Is Ranveer Singh related to Anil Kapoor?

No, Ranveer Singh is not related to Anil Kapoor. However, he is distantly related to Sonam Kapoor through marriage as he is married to Sonam’s cousin, actress Deepika Padukone.

Does Ranveer Singh come from a film background?

No, Ranveer Singh does not come from a film background. He comes from a non-film background and made his way into Bollywood through his talent and hard work.


In conclusion, Ranveer Singh’s real name is actually Ranveer Singh Bhavnani. Despite his fame and success in Bollywood, he has always remained grounded and connected to his roots. This personal detail adds an interesting layer to his public persona and showcases his humility and authenticity as a celebrity. Ranveer Singh’s choice to drop his last name for professional purposes highlights his dedication to his craft and willingness to adapt for the sake of his career. However, it is clear that his family and heritage hold significant importance to him, as evidenced by his decision to preserve his original surname in his personal life. Overall, Ranveer Singh Bhavnani’s real name is a testament to his multifaceted identity and the balance he strikes between his public image and personal values.

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